A Budget-Friendly Trick for Creating Vintage Art That Looks Expensive

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When it comes to today's home design trends, it's safe to say that vintage and secondhand items are in. However, in order to get that look on your walls, you might end up paying a pretty penny for frames and authentic vintage artwork. To combat this, TikTok user @hummusbirrd came up with a budget-friendly hack for faking pricey vintage paintings.


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"I've been accidentally tricking people into believing that I have very expensive vintage paintings in my house," says @hummusbirrd. To make this happen, she starts by finding ornate, antique-looking picture frames at her local thrift stores. Then, she'll go on Etsy and buy vintage painting digital prints for around $5. For each individual piece, she'll get it printed to fit in a designated frame and then pop it in. That's it!


If you'd like to buy a vintage painting print similar to the ones in @hummusbirrd's home, she has all her favorites linked here on Etsy.

You could even get this look for free, thanks to a suggestion from a commenter: "MoMa has FREE high-quality PDFs of over 90,000 pieces. Just have to pay to print. Accessible art for all." Other sources for public domain images, including those from similar museums, can be found here.


Another commenter adds, "If you take a clear satin-finished Modge Podge and do brushstrokes, it makes it look like it's got the texture of paint." In other words, before you place the print in the frame, if you add brushstrokes using the satin-finished Modge Podge, it will make the print look even more like a painting.

As for where @hummusbirrd gets her painting lookalikes printed, in a comment she recommends The Stackhouse. The retailer provides giclée printing for fine art reproduction and wide-format photography.

We know exactly what our next DIY hack project will be, and we can't wait to add some fresh decor to our walls.