This Brilliant Potato Hack Will Fix Your Over-Salted Recipes

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There's nothing worse than making dinner, only to realize that you've used too much salt in your dish. Maybe you have a faulty salt shaker or overestimated how much you actually needed. Or, perhaps you simply weren't paying attention and accidentally added too much. It's okay, we've been there too.


Video of the Day

Don't be so quick to toss out the food, though — there's a super easy solution. According to a popular TikTok video by user @vnklove, all you need to do is add a peeled potato to the dish. Allegedly, the potato will absorb the excess salt, ultimately reducing the saltiness of the meal.

It's worth noting that the TikTok video demonstrates the trick using soup. That said, the hack will likely work best with liquid-based recipes (think: soups, stews, chilis, and sauces). There's also the matter of whether or not a potato would pair well with your dish, should you decide to leave it in. But if not, you can always take it out and try using it for something else. After all, a potato doused in soup could make for a potentially interesting batch of mashed potatoes.


Now, excuse us while we pocket this trick for future cooking sessions. We have a feeling it will come in handy!


Other ways to fix over-salted foods:

If you don't have a potato on hand, or if your dish simply doesn't work with this hack, you can try these other tricks to fix too-salty foods:

  • Add sugar to balance out the salty flavor
  • Add a splash of acid, like vinegar
  • Toss in more ingredients, like pasta or vegetables
  • Add broth or water

You can also avoid over-salting foods to begin with by making sure the lid of your salt shaker is secure. Also, make a habit of measuring your salt over a separate bowl, rather than the actual pot or pan.