The Next Season of 'Nailed It!' Features Some, Uh, Creative Bakes

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With the fall season around the corner, we are ready for all of the baking shows. Luckily, the always-entertaining ​Nailed It!​ is back for its sixth season soon. And wow do the bakes look, well, unique.


If you haven't watched the show before (you've got lots of seasons to get through!), it's all about bringing in amateur bakers who are, uh, still in the very beginner stages of the craft. Whoever makes the best creations gets $10,000 — but the road there is often filled with tons of mistakes and hilarious moments.

"I just don't believe this is what's happening," celebrity judge Wayne Brady comments in the new trailer. He could be referring to anything, really. Like the fact that one of the bakers didn't take out the pie weights (or beads) before adding their filling. Resident judge and pastry chef Jacques Torres looks absolutely mortified.


There's also a reveal for a furry creature that doesn't go well. "This is the scariest groundhog I've ever seen in my life," host Nicole Byers exclaims. It's quite a sight.

30 Rock​ actor Jack McBrayer is actually competing this season and we can't wait to see what happens. At least this can make us feel better about any Pinterest fails we might make at home.

Nailed It! season six premieres September 15.