FYI: These Are Airbnb's Halloween Restrictions This Year

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As restrictions ease across states — with festivals, theme parks, dining, and other major events going ahead — Airbnb is still committed to enforcing anti-party restrictions for the spooky season.


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This upcoming Halloween coincides with one year of the company's introduction of specific "anti-party restrictions ahead of major holidays in the U.S and Canada that are traditionally associated with a party-type behavior." Last year, the company hindered any one-night reservations for "entire home" listings across the U.S and Canada. According to Airbnb, the party ban has been fundamental for its "trust and safety strategy."


Airbnb took similar steps for New Year's Eve and July 4th — with exceptions for "guests with histories of positive reviews." In addition, the company included more protections for certain two-night reservations. Fortunately for Airbnb, these restrictions worked; the company estimates that its efforts "resulted in a drop in incidents such as unauthorized parties by over 49 percent for Halloween and over 51 percent for New Year's Eve."


As a result, this upcoming Halloween, restrictions will be enforced on one- and two-night stays in the U.S and Canada for "entire home listings." The biggest enforcement: Guests who don't have positive reviews won't be able to book a one-night reservation.

You can learn more about the policies here.


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