This TikTok Food Hack Is Dividing People

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Nothing says summer quite like a hot dog fresh off the grill, but have you been eating the quintessential ballpark snack wrong your whole life? According to a viral TikTok by Sheena Marie (@sheenamarieq), you just might be.


Video of the Day

Using the "Ultimate life hacks" sound — you know, the one that asks users to show off the one hack "that is now an unconscious standard practice" in their lives — Sheena demonstrates an incredibly easy trick for making hot dogs covered in condiments a little less messy to eat.

The premise is quite simple — dress your hot dog with condiments per usual, then twist the hot dog so that the condiments are tucked neatly into the bun. Voilà! No ketchup and mustard all over your face when you take that first big bite!


As with many viral hacks shared on TikTok, the responses to the video were quite varied. Some users were delighted to discover this hack, while others were not impressed, as they've always eaten hot dogs this way.

Also, some critics pointed out that you could technically achieve the same endgame by putting the condiments inside the bun ​before​ you put the hot dog in, thereby eliminating the twisting step and saving your fingers from getting a little messy. To be fair, it's a valid point, especially if you're loading the hot dog with bulkier toppings like chili or relish. Those might not handle the twist so well!

There is one downside, though: a twisted hot dog with the condiments between the dog and the bun just doesn't look as good for the 'gram. Of course, there's always the option to fully embrace the messiness that often accompanies eating a hot dog — just make sure you have a napkin or two in hand before you indulge.