This IKEA Tote Bag Is Trending for Several Reasons

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Who doesn't love a multifaceted IKEA item that's in vogue? We're currently talking about the Drömsäck Tote Bag, which is popping up all over TikTok because of its chic versatility.


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Priced at $19.99, IKEA describes it as "a bag and backpack in one." The retailer adds, "Here, you always have keys, a mobile phone, and a travel card handy — and room for both a lunch box and computer." That would explain why college students are especially taken with the bag, since it holds everything you could possibly need while out and about.

Plus, in addition to being a roomy tote bag that doubles as a backpack, Drömsäck also has a security compartment for valuables, a key fob, and it's water repellent. Thanks to the latter, you'll never have to worry about switching your bag on a rainy day.

As for the colors it comes in, Drömsäck is available in beige and olive green, with the fabric being made of recycled polyester. The beige version has a red zipper and interior red plaid lining, while the green version has the same features in yellow. It's simple, but still stylish.

If you're looking for a new everyday bag that will hold everything you could possibly need, this might be the one.

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