The "Potted Plant Matcha" Is the New Matcha Latte

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While we will always love the look and taste of a plain matcha latte, we just found something even better. It's called a "potted plant matcha" and it was created by TikTok user and pretty drink aficionado @milkteamali.


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To make the potted plant matcha, you'll want to start out with 1 teaspoon of matcha whisked with hot water. Specifically, @milkteamali uses matcha from the brand Palais des Thés. Once your matcha is prepared, fill your chosen glass with ice. Add your milk of choice, vanilla syrup, and the matcha you just made.

When it comes to topping off your potted plant matcha, you'll want to start with sweet cream. Then, add crushed Oreos on top of the cream and "plant" a mint leaf in the middle. In addition to being entirely edible, this drink offers several unique matcha flavor pairings.


Once you're drink is complete, it should look like an adorable-yet-tasty potted plant.

How do you make vanilla syrup?

To make her vanilla syrup, @milkteamali combines vanilla extract with equal parts hot water and sugar.


If you'd rather make a larger batch that you could use for later, My Baking Addiction has a well-rated vanilla syrup recipe on her site. It requires five ingredients and just 15 minutes, giving you more time to dream up all the potted plants you could recreate as Instagram-worthy drinks.

How do you make sweet cream?

"Lightly whisk 2 parts heavy cream, 1 part milk, and a little sugar," @milkteamali writes on Instagram. "I'd usually add vanilla syrup instead of sugar, but omitted it here since it was added to the milk." Using a hand blender can also help you whip the cream faster.

Or, if you're not interested in making your own sweet cream, simply top the drink off with some store-bought whipped cream.