Costco Has a New Food Court Menu Item at One of Its Locations

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If there is any sort of Costco announcement, we are all ears. This is especially the case when it comes to a new or changing Costco food court item because we all know how iconic that menu is. Today, we have one such piece of info: Costco is adding a new item to one of its food court menus.


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In Australia, Costco replaced its churros with mini cinnamon donut balls. This is according to a photo posted by Reddit user @ZebedeeAU, which shows that the donut balls cost 2.99 AUD (about $2.20).

In addition to this item, you can also see the following on the menu: pizza, a southern-style chicken burger, chicken bake, all-pork hot dog, clam chowder soup, mango smoothie, bubble tea, soda, and a sundae.


Considering that U.S. Costco recently upgraded its churro, making it bigger than ever, this is interesting news. It's also making us wonder if we'd prefer donuts over a churro. It appears that the donut balls would provide a fluffy, cake-y texture, while churros tend to offer a nice crunch. We can see the value in both items, but honestly, we'd go with the churro.


Where else can you try the new food court menu item?

While the new mini cinnamon donut balls are currently in Australia, it will be interesting to see if they make an appearance in other countries. If they are successful amongst Australians, maybe the rest of the world will one day get to try the food court treat.

Now, it's time for the question of the day: cinnamon donut balls or churros?

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