This South African Decor Brand Is Now Available in the U.S.

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Pretoria, South Africa is the hometown of sisters Morongwe and Michelle Mokone — and the major focus of their home decor brand, Mo's Crib.


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Now, the duo's chic goods have premiered in the U.S. The launch includes items up for pre-order on the brand's site, as well as new items available on Crate & Barrel. According to the brand's Instagram, the baskets now on sale at the retailer are created from PVC water pipes that are "individually handpicked and collected from landfills and construction sites in Africa where they would otherwise contribute to the growing issue of PVC plastic pollution."

On the Mo's Crib website, you can find items like planters, trays, and laundry baskets. The pieces are created by female artisans; the company also offers workers housing, transportation, meals, skills training, and more, according to a Crate & Barrel press email.

The grass woven collection uses "the natural fiber of earthly grown ilala palm leaves derived from abundant fields in Africa." Mo's Crib emphasizes its use of natural materials and the uniqueness of each design through this process. No two items are exactly the same.

Sustainability is definitely top of mind for many shoppers, as we continue seeing the effects of consumerism on our environment. The company has also previously collaborated on projects with spaces like The Silo Hotel.

We're excited to see what else Mo's Crib will have in store in the near future. Check out some of out top picks below and learn more about the products here.

1. Mo's Crib Woven Basket, Black, $119

2. Midnight Blue Recycled PVC Basket/Planter, $109


3. Mlaza Grass Woven Trays, from $22

4. Spark Orange Recycled PVC Basket/Planter, $109

5. Mo's Crib Woven Basket, Natural, $119

6. Mlaza Grass Woven Planters, from $28

7. Recycled PVC Laundry Basket, $120