Haus Just Released a Limited Edition Summer Flavor — But It'll Be Gone Soon

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Looking for a way to encapsulate that summertime, post-sunset feel? Haus' newest flavor elicits lakeside nights and outdoor dinners; it can transport you to the European, country-side vacation you've been dreaming of all summer; and, at just 18% ABV, your nights won't end in horrible morning hangovers. Introducing Strawberry Basil, Haus's latest limited-edition aperitif, an herbal blend of juicy strawberry, five types of basil, and jasmine tea leaves.


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Haus Co-Founder and CEO, Helena Price Hambrecht, thinks of the new flavors as a better-for-you summer staple. "Many 'drinks of summer' are packed with sugar and artificial ingredients, [and so] we're proud to do things differently and use the highest quality ingredients, zero additives, and just a touch of raw organic cane sugar."

Strawberry Basil is available starting today for $40 a bottle, and those living in Los Angeles and San Fransisco can opt for same-day delivery. As the brand's first limited-edition flavor in two years, it is sure to sell out quickly.

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