HexClad's Popular Griddle Is Back After a 4,000-Person Waitlist

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It's rare that a piece of cookware warrants a waitlist of thousands — but this griddle is not just any ol' griddle.


HexClad's 12-inch Hybrid Griddle Pan was an instant hit — everyone who spent time in the kitchen wanted one and those who relied on Postmates for their meals saw this as their opportunity to improve their cooking skills. Unfortunately, it quickly sold out, leaving more than 4,000 people to sign up for the day it was back in stock.

Well, the wait is over (and it looks like your patience might have paid off). After months of bated breath, the griddle is back ​and​ on sale!

If you're just now learning about this famous pan but are already intrigued — because, hello, who isn't sold by the term "waitlist" — allow us to catch you up to speed on the griddle pan that will change the way you approach meals.

HexClad's Griddle Pan is a true piece of hybrid cookware, both stainless steel and non-stick. Where many popular, non-stick pans have a chemical coating you'd probably rather not cook your meals in, this HexClad pan is PFOA-free. You can use this pan for years without the worry of wearing down a chemical topcoat that you worry will, inevitably, make its way into your food.

And while some of the more expensive pans on the market call for extremely careful use, this piece is both dishwasher- and oven-safe, because you might love quality cookware but don't love the cleaning protocols involved. And further adding to the durability, the handles are scratch-resistant and feature a stay-cool technology.

The brand's Griddle Pan works, as the name indicates, as both a pan and griddle. It's perfect for those Sunday mornings when you're craving an extravagant brunch at home, making everything from fluffy eggs to perfectly light, never-burnt pancakes to crispy bacon.


This pan has a cult-like following — getting a thumbs up from celebrities like Tan France to Halle Berry — for a reason: the quality is unbeatable.

Not only will this sale not last forever, but (if history is any indication), the pan is also sure to sell out. If your current pan's non-stick layer has started to wear or the stainless steel you once loved has started to scratch, consider this your sign to invest in a product that will last. And even if you don't necessarily ​need​ a new pan, why pass up a sale?

HexClad 12-inch Hybrid Griddle Pan, $150 $139


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