Behold: PPG's 2022 Color of the Year and Trend Predictions

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Need some serious color inspiration? You're in luck. PPG has announced its official 2022 Color of the Year: Olive Sprig.


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PPG unveiled the color under the trends theme the company is calling Horizon, which encapsulates three palettes. While normally it's a single color that's announced, the company decided to shift things a little in 2020.

"Last year was such an unprecedented year and it called for a first, so we did our palette of the year," Amy Donato, senior color marketing manager at PPG, told Hunker. "We did a trio of colors rather than just one. And this was because we wanted to give our customers more to work with. they were using their homes for more functions than ever before so we needed to give more options."


This year, Olive Sprig was carefully chosen thanks to the company's complex process. More than 35 color stylists from 11 different countries put together these color insights and predictions that are actually meant to reflect everything from interiors to consumer products.

"Green is the rising trend in the design market, hands down," Donato said.


PGG positions Olive Sprig as "the perfect neutral backdrop in a retail or restaurant" space. It's all about creating a soothing space, which we can definitely all use after a challenging time. That extends to both spaces we might visit and the energy we create at home.

"After more than a year in isolation, our routines have changed, our consumption habits have changed, the functions of our home have changed, and bedrooms are really seen as a sanctuary," Donato said. "Consumers are using new wellness rituals and comforting design to create this even cozier atmosphere from before and really inspire that relaxation we crave."


Donato says that the "soft gray-green" also reflects a higher interest in bringing the outdoors in. "It's really soothing, like a fragrant plant ... it's such a usable neutral," Donato said.

Ahead of the official announcement, I got to take the Personality Palette Quiz, which helps you the palette — Introspective, Inspired, or Invaluable — that matches your vibe.


My result: the "Introspective Palette Personality," which is all about "focusing on self-care, relieving anxiety, and appreciating life's simple pleasures." People in this category "like [their] spaces to have a serene and intimate feel." While I'm more of a maximalist at heart, I definitely appreciate a toned-down look, too, when I travel or even while browsing through Instagram or Pinterest.


PPG also describes this type of person as someone who is "most at ease taking longs walks," which I definitely relate to, especially during the pandemic times. PPG recommends that this personality try the hues Tea Time, Peace, Silver Service, and Pine Whisper.

The Inspired palette features a group of bright hues that "add an optimistic jolt of energy" and Invaluable includes a selection of glam colors with a 1920s-esque vibe that includes Olive Sprig.

"If you want to use two or three or ten, they will all work together in some combination and form," Donato said." It's [about] honing in on which one suits your personality or the feeling you want to get out of your space, and selecting colors based on what you already have or what you resonate towards."

Learn more about PPG's 2022 color of the year and palettes here.