This TikTok Sock Folding Hack Is Inspiring Us to Get Organized

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TikTok is the gift that is always giving — from K-pop tunes to hilarious content and, of course, the organizational videos that we inevitably know and love.


Video of the Day

TikTok user Lennia McCarter (@lenniamc) — the self proclaimed "folding queen" — has shared an unusual, though useful, way to fold socks. It isn't exactly difficult — you place your socks into a "T" formation, then fold over each side and tuck it all in. Then, you're done! Some viewers are praising her method, while others aren't so into it.


Though this particular video may not be as glamorous as you think, it ​is​ useful for those of us who are constantly losing our socks. They go missing all the time and this TikTok video is at your service to help you save them.

Would we call it a hack? Not necessarily, but we would still regard it as useful and not too time consuming. At the end of the day, organization is crucial and McCarter's method may be useful if that's your cup of tea.