These New Trader Joe's Snacks Are Perfect for a Summer Spread

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'Tis the season to snack — especially since the warmer weather doesn't really encourage anyone to cook an elaborate meal. And if you're gathering outdoors (safely) more often, it's nice to have a lovely spread ready for your guests.


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Thankfully, Trader Joe's always comes through in the small bites department. And, lately, the grocery retailer has been debuting some seriously intriguing products. Keep reading to see some of the ones we're currently eyeing.

1. Crispy Crunchy Champignon Mushroom Snacks, $3.99

These delightful-looking mushroom snacks come from Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, which is "known to produce over 500 million pounds of mushrooms annually," according to the grocer. They're crunchy and salty for whenever you need a savory snack.

2. Mini French Baguettes, $3.99

In the mood for something fancy? These baguettes are "baked to about 80% doneness, then frozen for you to finish at home." We see a charcuterie board in your future.

3. Spicy Porkless Plant-Based Snack Rinds, $2.99

If you want a crispy snack that emulates the texture of pork rinds, but with a plant-based twist, these are calling your name. Made of pea flour, pea protein, and rice meal, the baked rinds are gluten free, vegan, and kosher-certified. Just add a little lime juice to complete this satisfying bite.


4. Strawberry and Jalapeño Crisps, $3.99

This seasonal snack will only stick around for the summer, so if you're a fan of sweet-and-savory finds, grab them sooner rather than later. The grocer recommends pairing them with cheese or a dip to round out the flavor.

5. Garlic Bread Cheese, $3.99

This unique treat is also a limited-time-only find. It take inspiration from Finnish food and is made with cheese from Wisconsin. Trader Joe's suggests that you add a little marinara sauce when indulging.

6. Key Lime Kettle Corn, $2.29

Sugar, salt, and lime come together to create this special kettle corn item. If you're a fan of novelty popcorn flavors — or just lime-flavored bites — we could see this making its way into your shopping cart.