Costco Just Brought Back One of Its Most Popular Cakes

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Whenever Costco stops (or starts) selling a food item, you can be sure that fans will notice. A perfect example is the all-American chocolate cake, a decadent four-layer cake that Costco discontinued about two years ago. People were so bummed that a petition was created to get Costco to bring it back and, so far, the petition has received more than 7,300 signatures.


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Well, fans of the cake will be happy to know that Costco decided to bring it back — but in a smaller form. The bakery item, called Mini All-American Cakes, are essentially cupcake versions of the original cake. One package includes six mini cakes for just $7.99, according to an Instagram post by @costcobuys.

So, why the fun-sized reiteration? In a Reddit thread about the cake, one commenter (and Costco employee) shared that the Costco bakery has been changing their selection to become more profitable. What's more, "the all-American chocolate cake takes much more time to make, meaning it costs more money to make," they explained. Something tells us the smaller cupcake versions take less time to whip up.


But here's the real question: Are the mini all-American cakes as good as the older OG cake? When comparing the mini cakes to a newer Costco chocolate cake — which is smaller and filled with mousse — a user on Reddit said, "To me, it tastes more like the older recipe. More moist and airy, compared to how dry the new one is. Chocolate icing is still super rich!"


Of course, the only way to know for sure is to try it yourself. Hopefully, the mini cakes will pop up at your local Costco soon!

What other desserts is Costco currently selling?

Beyond the chocolatey goodness of the mini all-American cakes, Costco sells many other cult-favorite treats. Here are just a few mouthwatering examples:

The best part? In true Costco fashion, many of these bakery items are easy on the wallet, so you can have your cake and eat it too.