This Is How the Royal Family Has to Fold Their Napkins (It's Actually Genius)

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When it comes time for you to place a napkin on your lap, you might not think there's much to it. You simply take the napkin ... and put it on your lap, right? Well, the royal family would beg to differ.


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Delish states that the royal family is required to use their napkins a specific way. Before placing the cloth on their lap, each member of the family must fold the napkin in half. Then, when they go to wipe their face, they are supposed to use the inside of the fold so that food won't get on the outside of the napkin and, as a result, on their clothing.

This napkin fold trick also prevents us commoners from seeing just how messy royal napkins can be. Since they are using the inside of their napkin to clean off their faces, the outside appears perfectly pristine. It's truly a genius hack for when your napkin is looking less than fresh.


Honestly, though we might not be members of the royal family, this is one napkin hack we're going to adopt. No one needs to know how messy we can be!


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