Cara Delevingne's Home Comes Complete With a "Vagina Tunnel"

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Cara Delevingne's Los Angeles home is the definition of one of a kind. Featuring a mix of inspiration from ​Alice in Wonderland,​ the Playboy Mansion, the Beverly Hills Hotel, and more, Delevingne's latest ​Architectural Digest​ home tour is truly something to behold.


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First and foremost, Delevingne has a "vagina tunnel," which is exactly what is sounds like. Designed in collaboration with architect Nicolò Bini, it's a pink curtained, cushioned tunnel that leads to another room, in which one exits through a pink washing machine facade. We can't make this stuff up.

Next up in this house of wonders is a ball pit. Because no home is complete without a ball pit you can jump in to melt all your cares away.

There's a David Bowie bathroom, David Lynch-inspired poker area, Gucci wallpaper, a clear piano, a Chanel surfboard, and ... "the pussy palace." "This is a little more sexy," says Delevingne, gesturing to the room featuring suede walls, a stripper pole, a swing, mirrors, and plenty of seating. We'll just leave it at that.

As you can tell, Delevingne decorates with a sense of fun and childlike wonder. She even has a wall of hats and a dress-up closet for people to play around with. But one of our favorite aspects of her home is that she likes to travel around on a Razor scooter because the house has "very hard floors" that "hurt your feet."

One thing's for sure: It's impossible to not have fun when you're paying Cara Delevingne a visit.


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