People on TikTok Love This Clever Travel Dispenser

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You can go down a very intense rabbit hole of things people purchase on TikTok, but this find is especially suited for anyone who likes saving space in their bag.


Video of the Day

TikTok users are showing off a clever travel dispenser that lets you house your lotion, shampoo, conditioner, and more in one place. User @thehouseofsequins demonstrates how you can fill up each bottle, included with the dispenser, and then place them into the same container. You can then use labels to keep track of what is where.


Users and @mrsalexsanz also show it in action. Basically, once you have everything filled up, you just twist the top to open up the section you want to dispense and push down.

You can find the dispenser on Amazon for less than $17. It's got four out of five stars, with a little more than 700 reviews. While some people say it's not a perfect design, others clearly enjoy it for purposes like going to the gym. Heads up: While the packaging description says it's TSA-cleared, we did see a comment saying TSA made one purchaser throw it away.

Regardless, we could see the dispenser being useful for road trips, the previously mentioned workout needs, and even just commuting — especially with how commonly we all use hand sanitizer nowadays.