You Might Be Surprised to Learn This About Bobby Berk's Makeovers

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Cue the big post-pandemic TV show reunions! The latest gathering that's gotten us a little teary eyed is the get-together of Queer Eye's Fab Five, who sat down at their Season 6 loft in Austin to reminisce about favorite stories from the show — and provide a little behind-the-scenes context for fans.


One of the biggest misconceptions that viewers seem to have, according to chef Antoni Porowski, is that everything is planned ahead of the ambush. But, as it turns out, the team actually works on the fly quite a bit.

Bobby Berk, the interior design expert on the show, does get a little bit of intel ahead of time — primarily photos, walkthroughs, and specs. "I've got to measure, there's no way to get stuff instantly like that — sofas, blinds, and stuff," he says.

But as for "finding out everything about them that's going to make that design feel like their home," that's all done in person, during filming.

Berk does, however, get a pretty good read on a person from looking at their home. "You can tell a lot about somebody from their home," he says. "You can tell if they're depressed, often, by the things in their home, laundry that's building up, their lack of motivations."

He uses those details to improve a home's design in order to best help the client — and the info he shares with his co-stars to help them with their transformations.

The Fab Five resumed production on Season 6 in April after halting during the pandemic, and we're anxiously awaiting its debut on Netflix — hopefully later this year.


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