This Toilet Lid Trick Makes Cleaning Your Bathroom Less Painful

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The worst room in the house to clean? The bathroom, hands down. And the worst item to clean in the bathroom? That would definitely be the toilet. However, based on a trick we just learned, cleaning the toilet might not be so annoying after all.


Video of the Day

In a viral TikTok video, user @shessunday revealed that there are toilets that actually have lids that can be removed in seconds. Not lids that you have to painstakingly unscrew — but lids that you can unclip from the rest of the toilet. This means no more struggling to deep-clean every single nook and cranny on what is already a not-fun item to scrub down.

If you have one of these toilets, @shessunday shows that you can simply unclip the lid on the two parts of the seat that connect to the toilet. Then, you're able to remove the seat and easily wipe down that entire area.

If you don't have this type of lid, @shessunday kindly linked out to the exact one she uses. It's on Amazon for $28.57 and can be bought in different shapes (and with a nightlight!).

Cleaning the toilet has never looked so easy.

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