You're Going to See These Kitchen Trends Everywhere Soon

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The kitchen is the heart of the home, and Italian brand Bertazzoni has found the key to it — through trend research, that is! The appliance company has combined its nearly 140 years of expertise with insight from top designers to produce its first-ever Kitchen Trend Report.


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If you're thinking of changing up your kitchen this year, here are the six trends to keep in mind, according to Bertazzoni.

1. Some kitchens are warming up.

Gone are the days of sterile, all-white kitchens. These days, kitchens are about feeling cozy. "While there will always be a space for simple, white kitchens, the quiet minimalism of the past decade in design seems to be giving way to bolder decisions on elements like color, light fixtures, and more distinctive appliances," says designer and HGTV host Orlando Soria. "Clients seeking visual interest are increasingly opting for a warmer, playful range as a pop of color."


2. Some kitchens are going dark.

Bold homeowners are trying out black in their kitchens, whether that's through dark appliances (Bertazzoni reports that black is its most popular color choice), dark walls, or dark cabinets and counters. They often pair black with jewel tones for a rich aesthetic.


3. Health and wellness are key.

Homeowners are looking to improve their kitchens to incorporate a healthier lifestyle. "We are seeing a huge trend in ditching the microwave in exchange for a convection steam oven, as steam assist or full steam functionality has opened an entire spectrum of healthy, fast cooking," says designer Brynn Olson.


4. Forget à la carte appliances — integration is all the rage.

You've probably heard of built-in furniture, but have you heard of built-in appliances? "Today's kitchens are becoming increasingly sophisticated. For a growing number of homeowners, that means seamlessly incorporating appliances like the refrigerator, dishwasher, or oven into adjacent cabinetry with panel-ready and built-in options," says Valentina Bertazzoni, head of style and design at Bertazzoni.


5. And don't even think about cookie-cutter kitchens.

Kitchens are all about customization these days. "Are you someone who craves organization and wants to incorporate open shelves and a glass-front refrigerator to showcase that? Are you someone who wants to create a sense of calm and simplicity and opts for a seamless look with built-in appliances? Or do you love a maximalist vibe, with all your favorite appliances visible and at your fingertips?" asks designer Laurie March. "Whatever your priorities, the kitchen can be personalized to fit your needs — both functional and aesthetic."

6. Kitchens are multiplying.

You thought one kitchen was enough in your home? Well, not anymore. As urban dwellers have been moving to the suburbs throughout the pandemic, there's been a growing interest in guest houses and in-law suites, which usually have smaller kitchens that require the clever use of tight spaces.