The 3 Most Surprising Items in Shay Mitchell's Fridge

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We love nothing more than a "what's in my fridge" tour from one our favorite celebs — especially when they have interesting tips and tricks to share. Such is the case with actress Shay Mitchell's fridge on the Women's Health YouTube channel. Three specific items stood out to us during the tour.


First, in her fridge, Mitchell keeps small glass containers containing leftover ingredients. "I'm trying to get away from using single-use plastics, so I bought a bunch of glass containers," she says. Rather than throwing food in Ziploc bags, Mitchell proposes a more eco-friendly alternative: space-saving glass containers.

Next up is the fact that Mitchell keeps her batteries in the freezer. Many choose to keep batteries in the fridge to extend their lifespan, but according to How-To Geek, neither location is a good idea. That's because condensation and low temperatures can damage the batteries — especially if you end up using them while they're still cold.

Lastly, this is definitely one idea we'll be stealing from Mitchell: Keep leftover herbs and vegetables in a freezer-safe container. "At the end of the month, I can use it for broth," she explains. Genius!

While we won't be keeping our batteries in the freezer (or fridge, for that matter), we are going to steal Mitchell's other tips for a less wasteful lifestyle.


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