Mind Blown: This Is How Grocery Stores Extract Pomegranate Seeds

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When you buy a container of pomegranate seeds at the grocery store, you might not think about how those seeds got there. Perhaps you imagine an employee scraping out the seeds or tapping them out with some sort of utensil. However, we just learned about how pomegranate seeds are ​actually​ extracted and our minds are blown.

On TikTok, culinary nutrition expert @wifeofagrocer posted a video in which she asks, "Ever wonder how a grocery store gets the pomegranate seeds out of the pomegranate?" She then shows a clip of a fascinating machine that spins cut-open pomegranates while spanking the seeds out of them. We never would have imagined.

It's both strange to watch and oddly satisfying. It also completely changes how we'll look at grocery store pomegranate seeds in the future.

Now, the question is: Can we get a mini version of this machine for us folks at home?

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