This Recipe Conversion Cheat Sheet Will Prevent Annoying Internet Searches

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We all know how annoying it can be to convert recipe measurements — especially if you're in the middle of cooking or baking and your hands are covered in ingredients. Well, fret no more! There is a handy cheat sheet that will prevent future annoying conversion searches from ruining your kitchen experience (and dirtying your laptop keyboard).


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The Talented Kitchen Magnetic Kitchen Conversion Chart displays weight, liquid volume, and even temperature conversions. So next time you come across a recipe based in the metric system, you can easily convert it into the imperial/U.S. system of measurement with just one glance.

In addition to having conversions available in a large font, the cheat sheet is water-resistant and can be wiped clean. What's perhaps the best part is that it's also magnetic, so you can place it directly onto your fridge for easy viewing.

For only $6.50 on Amazon, you can can your hands on the Talented Kitchen Magnetic Kitchen Conversion Chart. Now, you can convert your recipes in an easy, non-frustrating way.

h/t Food & Wine