Costco Made a Significant Change to One of Its Best Perks

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The day has finally come: Costco brought back free samples, one of the brand's most beloved perks. However, due to the pandemic, significant changes have been made to Costco's sampling process.


According to Eat This, Not That!, the free sample stations at Costco have undergone a transformation. Employees handing out samples will now be behind a sheet of plexiglass. Based on the video @costcodeals shared on Instagram, the samples are placed in a small white bag and are handed out through a slot in the plexiglass.

A sign on the glass also reads: "Samples are for carry-out only. Please do not eat inside the warehouse." Considering that all Costco guests must wear masks when shopping, this makes a lot of sense.

Though waiting to eat your Costco free sample might not be ideal, it will serve as a nice treat for once you're done with all your shopping. Plus, if your Costco has outdoor seating, you could also enjoy the sample there.


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