Make These $140 Vases for Only $12 With This Clever TikTok Hack

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We love nothing more than watching TikTok hacks that aim to save us time, money, and effort. Our most recent favorite is a Dollar Tree hack video by @thedioxxalela, which shows you how to make $140 West Elm vases for only $12.


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The $140 vases in question are the West Elm Pure Black Ceramic Vases, which come in a set of three.

User @thedioxxalela started the DIY activity by taking a trip to Dollar Tree, where she bought three glass vases and a container of baking powder (not soda!). She then went to Michaels and bought a medium-sized bottle of black paint for $2.99 and two paintbrushes (one large and one small) for $0.99.

She began the painting process by mixing the baking powder with the black paint to create a grainy, frothy consistency. Using short, horizontal strokes to add texture, she painted her vases with two coats on the outside and one on the inside.

We think @thedioxxalela's final product looks just as chic as the West Elm vases that inspired her. And it only cost $12!