Etsy Is Adding Another Major Eco-Conscious Goal

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Now that we're officially in Earth Month, we're interested in seeing how we can improve our shopping habits with an eco-conscious lens.


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Etsy recently announced that it will be focusing on a couple of goals. First off, the company will "now offset 100% of carbon emissions from packaging." The company says that when you buy something on the site, the Etsy team is measuring "the carbon emissions released into the atmosphere as a result of shipping that item." It then invests in "projects that reduce carbon emissions by the same amount" — such as efforts to protect trees.

The recent development means that the company will also track carbon emissions from packaging. Etsy also plans to share knowledge with sellers about eco-conscious packaging and best practices.

In addition, the company has pledged to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2030. Check out some of the site's top eco-conscious picks below — along with some of our wish list items.

Oowl Studio Long Handled Net Bag, $16.45

M Cozy Life Travel Hiking Dinnerware (set of 8 pieces), $20

Fibala Washable Paper Bag, from $8

Hive and Honey Farm Beeswax Wrap and Baggie Set, $18.60


Apricot LA Juicy Cloth Napkin (set of 2), $25

Detox Earth Swedish Dish Cloths (set of 4, with hook), $27.99

Green City Living Eco Joe Coffee Filter (set of 3), from $13