Krispy Kreme Will Give a FREE Donut to Anyone With a Vaccination Card

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As if you didn't have enough of a reason to want to get vaccinated, Krispy Kreme is getting in on the action. The confectionary company just announced that U.S. customers who present a valid COVID-19 vaccination card will get a free Original Glazed donut.

This promotion is going to last for all of 2021, according to ​Business Wire​, meaning that your vaccinated self can visit Krispy Kreme at any time for your freebie.

Plus, that's not all. To support healthcare workers and vaccination center volunteers, Krispy Kreme will be sending free donuts to select centers over the next few weeks. The brand will also be offering its employees up to four hours of paid time off so that they can go get vaccinated.

Oh, and there's more. Krispy Kreme is launching "Be Sweet Weekends" on Saturdays and Sundays from March 27 to May 23. During the weekend, anyone who purchases a dozen donuts will be able to get an additional "Be Sweet Dozen" to safely share with a friend. This additional dozen will be only $1 and features all Original Glazed donuts with cute smiley faces.

Finally, the last awesome promotion Krispy Kreme has going is for every Monday from March 29 to May 24. At the start of the week, U.S. customers will be able to get one free Original Glazed donut and one free medium coffee to start the week off on a sweet note.

Who's ready for a Krispy Kreme-centric spring, summer, fall, and winter?

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