We're Swooning Over These Lamps That Are All About Softness

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Softness probably isn't something you associate with light fixtures, which is precisely why Utharaa L. Zacharias and Palaash Chaudhary of design studio soft-geometry created the Elio lamp.


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"Elio's translucent resin looks like sugary jelly candy, stacked and bent into a single arc meant to reference Eileen Gray's voluptuous Bibendum lounge — a classic that was itself inspired by the Michelin Man," writes Dims.

Quite frankly, we can't stop staring at the lamp's mesmerizing pastel base, which we're dying to run our fingers across. "We kicked around the idea of creating a texture and material that could capture softness in light form," the design studio writes on its Instagram.


But Elio isn't just something beautiful to look at. It's actually a voice-controlled smart lamp, making it extremely practical.

As an art object, Elio doesn't come cheap — Dims sells the short version for $1,200 and a tall version for $2,400, both of which come in the soft-pink Lychee or pale green Aloe hues. Given that each piece is handmade to order, however, we think that's a pretty fair price.


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