Looking for a Funky Diffuser? Vitruvi's New Hues Are On-Point

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We all need some time to decompress, even if it ​is​ a new year. And it doesn't hurt to make that relaxation part of our decor, too.


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Vitruvi just released a limited edition color palette that's all about bringing ease into your space. The new hues for the brand's stone diffusers correspond to different intentions. The Honey hue is all about energy and optimism; the Rose color brings to mind cozy, grounded vibes; and the Sea color takes inspiration from the relaxing energy of the ocean.


So while you re-assess how your home might bring you more relaxation, don't forget about the power of color, too.

Check out the new hues below:

Stone Diffuser, Honey, $119

Stone Diffuser, Rose, $119


Stone Diffuser, Sea, $119