Airbnb's New Nonprofit Is All About Helping In Times of Emergency

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A safe and comfortable space has never been so important, and we don't see this changing any time soon. Airbnb announced today that it has launched a nonprofit,, focusing solely on providing free or discounted housing for people dealing with major emergencies.


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"The inspiration for began in 2012 with a single host named Shell who opened up her home to people impacted by Hurricane Sandy," the company said in a statement. "This sparked a movement and marked the beginning of a program that allows hosts on Airbnb to provide stays for people in times of need."

Expanding on its Open Homes initiative, the nonprofit will focus on connecting hosts with frontline healthcare employees, refugees, relief workers, and more. The company says that so far, Airbnb hosts have helped give shelter to 75,000 people — thanks to more than 100,000 hosts who got involved.


The new nonprofit will work closely with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), Community Organized Relief Effort (CORE) to provide resources specifically for those affected by COVID-19.

Parties interested in donating, or hosts willing to offer their space, can express interest through the new site.


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