Society6 x Stitch Fix's Holiday Cards Were Designed by Female Artists

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We can't all be together for the holidays this year but we ​can​ (safely) send out a card or two. It's an easy way to show you care and it's even more fun when artists put their own spin on the traditional holiday card.


Society6, our sister company, and personal styling service Stitch Fix teamed up for a special release of greeting cards to get you into the spirit. The collection features the work of artists Lo Harris, Cat Coquillette, Milkyprint, and Madeline Kate Martinez. The cards retail at $15.99 for a set of three; $19.99 for a set of five; and $24.99 for a set of 10 (all with envelopes included).

Read on to find out more about the special designs from this all-female roster.

"We Are All in This Together" by Cat Coquillette Stationery Cards (set of 3), $15.99

"I spend about half the year living in Southeast Asia and the other half in Europe, so I'm literally a world away from my family most of the time," Coquillette tells Hunker. "I designed these cards with messaging that really hits home for me. I'm sure a lot of us can relate to not being able to see our loved ones during the holidays... Each and every one of us has gone through our own unique set of challenges this year."

The artist also says she uses hand-lettering in her designs to lend them a more personal touch.

"Holiday Party on Top" by Lo Harris Stationery Cards (set of 3), $15.99

The idea of doing holidays virtually might be new to some of us, but there are still ways to find joy.


"My designs focus specifically on online communication — Zooming, Skyping, and FaceTime are all choice ways to see loved ones outside of your COVID Bubble," Harris tells Hunker. "I wanted my designs to be playful, inclusive, and acknowledge that these communication tools are acceptable for folks of all ages. The message behind this project, which is to encourage people to find joy this year in spite of everything, made it very easy for me to incorporate the vibrance and optimism of my own artistic style."

"Stocking" by MilkyPrint Stationery Cards (set of 3), $15.99

"Six Feet Apart but Close at Heart" by Madeline Martinez Stationery Cards (set of 3), $15.99

You can see the full holiday card collection here.


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