This New Eco-Friendly, Single-Cup Coffee Machine May Just Defeat Keurig

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If you've ever used a single-serve coffee maker, you know how much waste they can regrettably produce. Fortunately, there are companies like Bruvi that are working to create eco-friendly, single-serve coffee systems with pods that are 100% recyclable.


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Founded by Mel Elias (former CEO of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf) and Sung Oh (an inventor, former engineer, and former patent attorney), Bruvi is an at-home coffee system that brews cold brew, filter coffee, espresso, iced coffee, Americanos, and infused coffee and tea. Bruvi's pods, called B-Pods, specifically offer sustainably and ethically sourced coffee while foregoing the use of adhesives and water-based inks.


"Bruvi is first and foremost, a coffee company," says Elias in the brand's press release. "Our mission is to upgrade the at-home coffee experience with breakthrough brewing technology, better coffee, and more eco-consciousness along with the convenience of single-serve."


Featuring smart brew and pre-infusion technology, an LED screen touch pad, and a smart device that allows the machine to connect to WiFi and an app, consumers can use Bruvi to brew remotely and auto-order pods. Plus, the sustainable bamboo accents on the exterior make for an appliance that will seamlessly blend in with any kitchen color scheme.

If you're interested in purchasing Bruvi and B-Pods for yourself, the company will launch its pre-sale campaign in January 2021. According to the website, the Bruvi Bundle (the brewer, 24 B-Pod variety pack, a water filter, and a sustainable thermos and mug) will be priced at $198. The 24 B-pod variety pack will be sold for $18. In the meantime, you can sign up for e-mail updates at the bottom of their homepage.


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