This Plant in Vanessa Carlton's Home Can Last For a Decade — Or More

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Today in celeb inspo: some major plant goals thanks to Vanessa Carlton. The singer songwriter recently showed Architectural Digest around her SoHo loft. And while there's plenty to take note of — including a rustic-chic dining table — we want to talk about her plants.


"These two plants, though, are very special to me. They were the first two plants I ever owned," Carlton says while lounging on her couch. "They're like 12 years old."

So, basically, the singer is a green thumb. (It helps to have the tall windows you can see in this space, though.) If you're curious, the plants she points out are likely a variety of jade plant. So if you're looking for some greenery that will last a while in your space, give this plant family a try. Maybe it also helps that Carlton sings to them, but we can't all be that talented.