Girls’ Night In’s New Brand Celebrates the Art of Downtime

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2020 has been the year of finding new ways to stay in and stay calm. That's why we're especially excited about Whiled, a newly launched brand devoted to downtime. Alisha Ramos, founder of Girls' Night In — a nationwide media brand and community that started as a newsletter in 2017 — is also behind the creation of Whiled.


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"Whiled was founded with a simple mission in mind: To help the world slow down and reclaim downtime," Ramos tells Hunker. "Whiled is a sister brand of Girls' Night In that makes thoughtfully designed products that encourage moments for leisure, connection, and play, freeing you from distractions and 'musts.'"

Whiled's first product launch is a series of jigsaw puzzles featuring the work of artists Lan Truong, Tess Smith-Roberts, B.D. Graft, and Ana Leovy. Altogether, the artists' work forms a colorful collection made for meditative moments.

"With our puzzles, the right speed is a snail's pace," says Ramos. "An hour (or four) of uninterrupted peace with a thousand pieces, and nothing else."

As for Whiled's next release, we received a hint that it will still be in the home goods arena. For now, check out the first launch below.

1. Ladies Who Lounge by Ana Leovy (1,000 pieces), $37

"In this stunning tableau, our ladies take up their own space and even their own dimensions," reads the puzzle's description.

2. Sunny Side Up by Lan Truong (500 pieces), $37

This puzzle celebrates the morning ritual that is breakfast.


3. Spot the Teckel by B.D. Graft (500 pieces), $37

Featuring a "teckel" (aka dachshund), this puzzle is perfect for the person who loves being surrounded by pets and plants.

4. Busy Bodies by Tess Smith-Roberts (1,000 pieces), $37

This puzzle was inspired by the work of children's book author Richard Scarry, whose illustrations are full of life and energy.