Color Forecasting by The National Park Service — We Approve

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Image Credit: Nicole Mason
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This fall, there's a hashtag that's been getting a lot of attention on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. No, it's not #picoftheday or #tbt. It's #NPSColorForecasting, a hashtag that the National Park Service launched. Basically, they take gorgeous nature scenes spotted throughout national parks — Yellowstone, Badlands, and Glacier, to name a few — and match them up with an exact color palette pulled from the landscape.


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And the timing couldn't be better. With all of the chaos and stress going on this year, more and more people are turning to nature-inspired hues for their homes. Plus, color forecasting from top paint brands has been pointing to all-things-outdoors (take Valspar's 2021 Colors of the Year, for example). It looks like the National Park Service might be onto something. Soothing vibes, here we come.


For example, crystal-clear Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park serves as a calming pastel palette marked by pink, green, blue, and maroon.

The Grand Canyon couldn't be a better place to extract sunset-inspired shades that will instantly warm up any space. The salmon, yellow, and chalky red represent those sun-dotted rock formations while blue and slate gray symbolize the sky.


In the Badlands, a vibrant sunset juxtaposes with the moody hues of a snow-covered mountain scene.

A family of deer walking in an open prairie in the midst of Yellowstone National Park inspires the ideal neutral color scheme. These shades would instantly transport anyone to a state of calm, even in the most chaotic living room.


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