People Are Raving About These Actually-Breathable Baggu Face Masks

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As researchers continue to investigate COVID-19, there's really only one thing for sure: you better wear a face mask if we're to get out of this thing. While some masks aren't super comfortable — elastics can make your ears sore, and some materials are hard to breathe through, especially in summer heat — reusable bag company BAGGU has developed a mask that users are raving about, both in terms of comfort and fit.


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The BAGGU mask, made out of lightweight but tightly woven quilter's cotton, is attached to your head via a single string that loops around the crown of your head and ties at the top of your neck, which is a lot more comfortable than the ear elastics and a lot easier to tie than other behind-the-head models. (Although, it's still a bit confusing to put on, so check out BAGGU's instructional video on its product pages before attempting.)


It also has a unique shape with adjustable nose and chin flaps. And, according to some users, they even prevent your glasses from fogging up. Check out some positive reviews on Twitter below:

The mask are sold here in sets of three for $32, and they come in an array of colors.


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