This Miniature Backyard Pub Is Just Like Disney-Meets-England

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In these times of social distancing, if you can't go to the pub, then bring the pub to you — right? While most of us might be making do with a Costco-sized bottle of whiskey and a few peanuts, a family in Wigan (a town in Greater Manchester, England), has gone big with their at-home bar game, converting a corner of their backyard into a miniature pub, cutely dubbed "The Drunken Crab."


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The project was designed by a local furnishing company called Octavia Chic. With a wood shell, Octavia Chic added shutters, window boxes, and lanterns (yup, it has working electricity!) to the exterior along with a hanging pub sign.

The interior feels typically English with dark wood furniture and a traditional bar — with a full selection of alcohol, beer on tap included. There's also a faux wood burning fireplace and a dart board.


Although the scale is on the miniature side (making it have that special Disney feel), it's actually reasonably spacious inside: You can seat three at the bar, four to five at a table with a banquette, and another two at a small, round table.

We're sure building a custom pub in your yard isn't a low-budget project, but dang ... if the world is going to be like this for another year ...

h/t: The Manc