Everlane's New Face Mask Gives Back to the ACLU

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We were pretty stoked a few weeks ago when we heard one of our favorite clothing retailers, Everlane, began making face masks. And thanks to the company's latest announcement, we're totally ready to re-up our stock: Everlane's just come out with a new line of face masks under their "100% Human" collection, a line dedicated to protecting human rights. For every three-pack of masks sold, Everlane is donating 10% of proceeds to the ACLU.


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The three-pack is only $28 and offers three different hues: black, a heather gray, and a charcoal gray, (there's also a three-pack with just black masks) and each displays the 100% Human logo in the corner. So, if you need more masks and also want to support a good cause — what are you waiting for?


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