You've Been Closing Cereal Boxes Wrong Your Whole Life

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Here at Hunker, you know we love an organized pantry. But you know what can really ruin an Instagram-worthy food storage space? Messy flap-top boxes. Seriously, who came up with the cereal/cracker box design?? Have you ever had a cereal box that stayed closed?


Recently the internet has been set on fire by a hack for closing boxes with flaps — much like it also recently went wild for the secret way to seal an opened chip bag.

The hack, as demonstrated by YouTuber CraftyElfWorkshop works as follows:

  • First, fold down all flaps into the box, except for the back flap (the flap facing you, farthest from you.)
  • Then, pinch in the sides of the box; they will fold easily.
  • Finally, pinch the opening of the box to almost close, and tuck the last flap down into the opening, pinch to close fully and BAM.

Now your stuff will actually stay fresh — and look way more organized.


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