People Are Turning IKEA Bags Into Face Masks

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The iconic IKEA blue bag is candy to creatives — people have been cutting it apart and transforming it for ages. IKEA itself released a blue bag bucket hat last summer. So it should come as no surprise that there are now folks experimenting with using the bags as face masks. In the video below, an Instagram user shows off their creation, which incorporates a regular face mask with an IKEA bag piece on the front.


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Of course, our first thoughts were, Um is this even safe? Can you even breathe in these? The answer is, clearly: DON'T try making a face mask out of an IKEA bag for pandemic purposes. Please. Still, we admire the creativity. The most professional looking design comes from Beijing-based designer Zhijun Wang whose Instagram images have been reposted multiple times:

And as you can see from his caption: "IKEA MASK OUTFIT (2017)," this was actually a project that existed long before Covid-19, so its original intent was not to be a safeguard against disease. That said, the artist and graphic designer recently spoke with Fast Company and says he's developed a design that allows you to convert any textile into a mask, however it doesn't feature CDC-approved characteristics. (He originally started developing masks for running in Beijing's pollution, using unusual materials like ripped-up Yeezy sneakers.)

So, yeah ... we'll stick to making homemade IKEA meatballs for now.