These Are the Most Popular Interior Design Styles on Insta, According to Angie's List

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Image Credit: Paul Anderson
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Instagram is one of the most powerful tools out there when it comes to sharing interior design inspo, so it's no wonder Angie's List turned to the social media platform to determine which interior design style is most popular across the U.S. As the site points out, #InteriorDesign currently has a whopping "87 million posts and counting."


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In a report, researchers pulled location data and design-related hashtags from Instagram photos across the country and determined the most popular style: coastal living.

According to the data, #coastalliving was the top interior-design related hashtag in 18 states — the majority of them on the eastern seaboard, with outliers being Alaska, Hawaii, and Oregon. And while we are surprised to see it at the top, we also wonder if it has more to do with actual photos of the coast (or even the magazine of the same name).


Following that was #midcenturymodern, the most popular hashtag in 16 states throughout the Midwest and the West Coast, plus New York and Pennsylvania — which makes total sense since the style has been having a moment for some time now.

Next up are #rusticdecor and #traditionalhome, with eight and four states (plus Washington, D.C.), respectively. North Dakota loves #bohodecor and Vermont favors #cottagestyle.

Does the top result in your state match your own favorite? Check out the full report here.

(h/t Apartment Therapy)