Now You Can Learn Kelly Wearstler's Interior Design Tips at Home

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Got some extra time? Curious about trying to pursue a new skill or hobby? Today's your lucky day if that includes interior design, because one of the most influential women designers wants to share her expertise with you.


Video of the Day

Kelly Wearstler now has a course on MasterClass, which walks you through lessons like finding inspiration, making the most of small spaces, working with different materials, and experimenting with color. Other learning points include discussions about how to choose the right patterns and how to make the most impact with lighting.

"I want to take some of the mystery out of design," Wearstler says in a trailer for the class. "So you feel confident and you can make incredible decisions and make a beautiful home."

The class includes 17 lessons and a unique workbook. And, best of all, you can take them at your own pace (and wearing whatever PJ set you're lounging in at home).

In the meantime, we're keeping these words from Wearstler in mind: "Stay curious, take risks, and beautiful things will happen."

You can start the course with the MasterClass all-access pass, currently retailing at $180. Find out more here.