Yamazaki's New Collection Includes a Laundry Item That's Already in High Demand

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If your home is itching for an organization refresh — the kind where you toss out whatever's in the back of your closet and re-evaluate if you're making the best use of those decorative shelves — we know a brand that can help. We've long been fans of Yamazaki, the Japanese home company that designs minimal and extremely clever storage items.

Yamazaki's products always surprise us in the best way possible: Even the most awkward nooks and crannies can get a new life if you find the right product to create more storage. The brand recently released its winter collection, featuring 30 new items. Among these are a magnetic caddy that was immediately popular (the original shipment to retailer Food52 sold out in a few days, according to the brand).

Here are a few other highlights from the new collection.

1. Magnet Laundry Hanger Storage Rack, $18

Yamazaki makes great use of magnets, like with this magnetic storage rack. Perfect for hangers but also washcloths and cleaning tools.

2. Square Magnetic Key Cabinet, $30

Tired of forgetting where you left your keys? This magnetic key cabinet can go right on your door without interrupting your decor too much.

3. Magnet 3-Pocket Storage Caddy, $28

This was the hot item from the collection (as we mentioned above). It's good for storing mail, laundry accessories, clothes pins, and more.

4. Desktop Printer Stand, $95

Printers already take up enough space as it is, so if you're going to have one you might as well use the width of the printer to introduce more space. We're into the idea of using these shelves to keep your laptop, printer paper, and office supplies in one place.

5. Concealed Rolling Trash Sorter, $88

The front part of this little trash sorter hides all the unsightly garbage but makes it easy for you to access two hanging bags for your waste. It's on wheels and the bags fold down easily to the bottom when you're not using them.

6. Expandable Platform Riser, $35

Again, Yamazaki is adept at making storage space out of thin air. This platform riser is meant to go above tubes that are unsightly (like laundry ones) while creating extra organizational opportunities.

7. Slim Rolling Laundry Basket, $95

Another laundry trick: a thin basket on wheels. It's stylish and doesn't stand out.

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