This Iconic IKEA Rug Now Comes in Two New Colors

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We all have our favorite IKEA staple item by now, whether it's the ever-flexible Bekvam spice rack or the easy-to-configure Kura bed. You'll see these on Instagram a lot, too, and we're constantly getting inspiration on how to style them.


Video of the Day

There's one more item we constantly see in chic spaces: the Rens sheepskin rug. You can always recognize it from its shape and texture, whether it's draped over a couch or on the floor of a workspace:

And we just found out it's now available in two new colors. If you search for Smidie on the IKEA site, you'll see a dark blue version of the rug:


And a peachy pink hue that's perfect for an eclectic space:

Both of the rugs retail for $29.99 (the same price as the Rens sheepskin rug), and we expect to see them in a lot more Insta-worthy interiors soon. What color could possibly come next? We vote millennial pink.