The Most Popular IKEA Item in the U.S. Doesn't Surprise Us

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While we wait for the next few exciting releases from IKEA in 2020, we're always curious about which classic items from the Swedish retailer people love the most.


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Lucky for us, recently released a study looking at the most searched for IKEA items in the U.S. The site used search volume numbers from Google to make its conclusions. The results boil down to both specific products and type of IKEA item.

Not surprisingly, the Billy bookcase takes the top spot on the list of most searched IKEA products in the U.S.

Other popular products include the Stockholm — not just one item, the name actually encompasses cabinets, sofas, rugs, and more — the Helmer drawer unit, and the signature IKEA bag.

A lot of these items make for some clever IKEA hacks, so you can customize them to fit your style (and not just look like everyone else's). The Billy bookcase, of course, easily holds magazines, books, trinkets, vases, and anything else you need to make your space feel homey.

We're curious to see if the popularity of these items changes next year. Check out the full report here.