FYI! Spotify Is Giving Away Free Google Home Minis — Here's How to Get Yours

Turns out that one of your streaming subscriptions might help you get a free smart speaker.

Spotify is currently offering a Google Home Mini to premium subscribers — all you have to do is claim it. Google Home Mini works with Google Assistant to, well, do what it does best: help you find nearby restaurants, pull up calendar information, and play some tunes.

Basically, you just need to follow this link and sign up for either an individual or family premium account. If you already have a premium account, just select your current plan type. You'll be sent to another page where you can click on "Already have premium individual? Get your Google Home Mini." From there, you'll enter your email address. Once you get the email that a Google Home Mini is available, you'll need to link your Spotify and Google accounts (just know this means giving certain permissions to your Google account, like adding and removing items in your Spotify library).

screenshot of spotify website with the header "join premium now and get a google home mini on us"
credit: Spotify

Individual Spotify Premium accounts cost $9.99 a month and family accounts (which can handle six accounts at a time) cost $14.99 a month. The Google Home Mini currently retails for $49, so this deal seems like the most bang for your buck if you've already got a Spotify Premium account.

At the time of writing, the estimated delivery was November 8-12. The offer goes until November 15, or for however long the supplies last. And if you happen to miss the email notification that your Mini is ready, don't fret — the code doesn't actually expire until December 31. Hey Google, can you play Lizzo?

Eva Recinos

Eva Recinos

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