Meet the High-Tech Coffee Table That Looks Like It's From 'The Jetsons'

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So we might not have all the high-tech home gadgets from futuristic shows like The Jetsons, but we are getting pretty close to bringing their predictions to reality — and then some. You can buy a robot vacuum from the comfort of your home, connect an app to a gadget that keeps track of your plant's health, and even fall fast asleep next to your smartphone-controlled bedside lamp.

And now, the company Coosno Design wants to up the ante with a coffee table that merges tech capabilities with organizational needs. Described as "the smart coffee table redefined," the Coosno table looks like a small round aircraft that then opens to reveal a small fridge. A drawer stores your magazines, remote control, and whatever other items you like to pile onto your (analog) coffee table. It comes with two wireless charging pads so that you can set your devices on top of the table for easy charging. It also includes two USB 3.0 ports, two power outlets, and an audio plug-in.

And it comes with colorful lights — as evidence by this photo with some serious party vibes.

Don't worry, you can change the light colors to suit your mood. There are other features included, like Bluetooth capabilities, so the list goes on. The product naturally sparked some questions for us: How much La Croix fits in that fridge? What happens if someone accidentally sits on it? Can we store our face masks in it, too?

Coosno is smart to compare its model to another similar one — the Sobro Smart Side Table, created by StoreBound and successfully funded on Indiegogo for more than $2 million. Yup, you read that right. You can see a lot of the same features, but this table resembles something more like what you might find at IKEA.

The Coosno team has already created a prototype of the high-tech coffee table and is working on figuring out logistics. Shipping is one of the hurdles, since the coffee table weighs a significant amount.

Does this get us closer to the Jetsons machine that magically cooks food for us? Maybe. But high-tech gadgets like this also feel like inspiration for a future Black Mirror episode. So there's that.

The Coosno smart coffee table has raised more than $156,000 on Indiegogo with 28 days to go. You can learn more about the campaign here.

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