We're Obsessed With This Boho Lighting Collection Coming to Target

project 62 lighting
credit: Target

Move over Chip and Jo! A new HGTV star's products are hitting Target's shelves. Interior designer Leanne Ford (of Restored by the Fords) is tackling all things lighting with her new Project 62 limited-time collab dropping Feb. 10. It will include more than 30 modern lighting options ranging from floor lamps to pendants, all with her extra special touch — like fabric-covered cords and the perfect bulbs already included.

leanne ford
credit: Target

Ford's inspiration?

"I thought about the lights that I wanted to see more of and the lights I've made out of vintage materials — this style just isn't out there in the market at an affordable price point," she told Target. "So I set out to create a line of clean, classic lights that are available to everyone, easy to find, and super affordable."

leanne ford for target light
credit: Target

Ford doesn't take lighting lightly, you know.

"It's one of the most important elements in a space, if not the most important," she said. "And if you pick the right piece, it doubles as a work of art."

tripod floor lamp
credit: Target

Well, strictly based off the images we see, we can already say we're all in. February 10 can't come soon enough.