Renters Are Paying the Highest Percentage of Their Incomes for Housing in These Cities

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You don't need us to tell you that rent prices are through the roof, but where exactly are they the worst? The West Coast, to summarize. And who suffers the most? Lower income renters, naturally. They paid a staggering 62.7 percent of their incomes on the most affordable third of rentals nationally in 2017's second quarter — and this ratio is even higher in some of the country's largest metro areas. The issue is that incomes are not keeping up with the rising cost of housing.

This is all according to the team at Zillow, who have recently gained some insight on the cities where renters are devoting the most of their incomes to housing. Below, the percentage of their income renters spend on housing in America's least affordable cities.

10. Denver, 32 percent

9. Sacramento, 32.4 percent

8. Boston, 32.7 percent

7. San Jose, 35.6 percent

6. Riverside, 36.89 percent

5. New York, 37.7 percent

4. San Francisco, 39.2 percent

3. San Diego, 40.3 percent

2. Miami - Fort Lauderdale, 41.5 percent

1. Los Angeles - Long Beach - Anaheim, 46.9 percent

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